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Favorite Aspects of Business

There are a lot of negatives to business in general. Many people do not like working in business for a number of reasons. It’s competitive, in larger companies there are politics, people can be disingenuous and only looking out for themselves, etc. There are lots of reasons. But there are a huge amount of reasons […]

Competitive Intelligence & Blogging

There’s a good reason I don’t write about what my specific job entails. A lot of posts on this site are derived from my experiences at work and in life with marketing. A lot of it is just so I take the time to look at what is happening and what I’m doing today; I […]

Free Markets: See You Soon

It didn’t strike me until three months into business school (which was some time ago now).  Free market business is addicting and school just doesn’t scratch the itch.  The competition gets into you in free markets.  It’s consuming and fun to compete.  The long term aspects of building a brand, product, service line, portfolio or […]

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