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Posterity and Writing

A few weeks ago someone sent me an email asking me to update a link.  The link was for a top blogs post I had made six years ago. Six years.  That is a LONG time.  I’d forgotten about that post a long time ago, honestly.  When I go back and look at my writing […]

Emoji And A Movement From Written Communication

My iPad recently updated with a new keyboard which contains tens of emoji.  More and more, you see emoji used in place of text, much in the way that emoticons were used in place of text in the last few decades.  This seems like a logical next step, but it does open up questions about […]

Communication Is Changing Before Our Eyes

In the past decade of exponential human change, we’ve seen the internet consolidate and disperse the vast majority of human knowledge on a scale previously unbeknownst as a possibility.  How we found and shared information has been irrevocably altered, for the better IMO. The changes are everywhere.  Everything you do and use now is getting […]

Pixel Tigers

The internet was becoming prevalent when I was in high school.  It’s been around longer than that, but in the last ten years has grown exponentially: By all rights, this is going to drastically alter the knowledge gap for the entire world, given enough time.  It will also provide a platform for all kinds of […]

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