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Getting Older with Fewer Interests?

Since basketball has ended and my beloved Timberwolves retired to their dens to lick reopened wounds, I’ve been mulling about the apartment with less to do.  It struck me the other day that my habits have changed a great deal. My youthful pursuits included wakeboarding and tubing, basketball, videogames, ladies, kicking it with friends, frisbee […]

School Starts & Current Events

I’ve been very busy with school as the semester starts.  I have three night classes (that’s a lot) and they are all centered on the medical industry, which has been interesting as of yet, but will assuredly be a lot of work.  My day classes are ethics and anthropology; the latter is already proving a […]

It Feels SO GOOD To Be Home

I have a few days before school starts and am relaxing.  Jet lag is at a low and most everything has already been taken care of.  Going to the supermarket and buying normal food for actual meals has been enjoyable and so is seeing friends again.  The best part has to be sleeping in my […]

Semester Number 3: Dundee, Crocodile Style

Oh yes.  Rejoice in the yet untold glory that is a full month off from both school and work.  Oh yes. For what it’s worth, I am always trying to encapsulate the difficulty and meaning of business school when a major piece wraps up.  It has been impeccable in terms of learning.  It has already […]


School is quite  a process.  It’s a rollercoaster most of the time, moving too quickly to really assess what is happening. The last few days, I’ve caught myself once or twice getting a little aggravated about the process and turbulence so unavoidably attached to it.  Reason being that the amount of work included is enormous, […]

And I'm Off…

I’m off to school orientation today! I was accepted to the Carlson School about two months ago and will be in attendance full time for 21 months starting in early August, 2008. We are doing a lot of activities. Mock class and networking today, a visitation of Medtronic (cool!) tomorrow and a Mill City Museum […]

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