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Fire Your Stock Analyst! Book Review

During business school, I took a lot of time to learn about finance and started scratching the surface of economics in general.  I don’t know why it happens that way.  As you get older, the importance of economics and money just seem to become more important.  I never considered myself a “finance” type of person, […]

Player Piano

After a month and a half of reading, I finished Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.  It is a book about a future where everything is automated.  It doesn’t seem a dystopia, but it’s no utopia either. The world has been engineered to optimize all different tasks humans take on.  In time, this automation has rendered […]

A Confederacy of Dunces

Twas a long time ago that I read a review of a book called A Confederacy of Dunces, it was about how Will Farrel was considering a movie remake of the book.  At the time, I knew nothing of the book and so read a quick review.  It was praised as one of the most […]

Cycling Home From Siberia

I’ve been on a reading tear lately.  Lots of travel. A few weeks ago, I finished a book my mother purchased for me called “Cycling Home From Siberia” by Rob Lilwall.  My fiance and her brother actually both read this before I did, as I was in the midst of some other business reading at […]

Pygmy: An Odd Introduction to Palahniuk

Recently while at a coworker of Teresa’s, I was given the book Pygmy and told to read it as it’s a great way to learn about Chuck Palahniuk, who I’ve been told is brilliant.  I somewhat dislike being given books as I feel though it has to be read very quickly, I do not like […]

Guns, Germs and Steel

You have likely already heard of this book, if not read it.  In 1997 it was incredibly popular and by some hailed as Darwinian in its ramifications for human history.  Jared Diamond wrote it, and it’s essentially an exposition on why human societies have formed and developed throughout modern history. The most common thought processes […]

Reading Business…For Pleasure

For quite a while now, I’ve been getting ragged on by the old ball and chain to stop reading business books. “You only read business books and think about work. You’re obsessed with it and it stresses you out” goes the refrain. There’s some truth to that. Although I think stresses don’t come from learning, […]

In Defense of Food

On my recent trip to Las Vegas, my girlfriend gave me a book to read called, In Defense of Food.  The book is written by Michael Pollan, who has a pretty rich history of food research and writing.  It was a shorter book, only a few hundred pages and probably took about four hours or […]

Two Books In One Night: The Law

I started in on the next Economics book, The Law (that’s the actual text!) by Frederic Bastiat tonight, and it was so sparse I read it in a little over an hour.  I was not expecting that. This is more a novella than anything and is really a just a longer essay that explains the […]

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

The second of my four purchased Economics books is What Has Government Done to Our Money, written by Murray Rothbard.  The book is actually a really great explanation of what “money” is and how it is established and manipulated by different people and government as well. I touched on a primary concept of the book in […]

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