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Wolf In White Van

Having completed Catch 22 a month ago, it was time to pick up a new book. I’d asked for a Wolf In White Van during Christmas. John Darnielle is one of my all time favorite writers, but only as a singer songwriter in the Mountain Goats.  His song writing is truly exceptional, taking on all […]


Two book reviews back to back?  Odd. Well as those of you consistent readers of the blog have noticed, I’ve been really seldom getting pen to pixel as of late.  Last month I was in a great rhythm as it was a 5am wake up call, running with Stella, writing a post and leaving for work. […]

“Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman!” Book Review

I like to read quite a bit, but I often get caught up reading only about business or things of that nature.  Reading other materials is important and business is truly only one small part of my interests.  Education, sports, science and classic literature also interest me greatly.  So over the holidays I decided to […]

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