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Posterity and Writing

A few weeks ago someone sent me an email asking me to update a link.  The link was for a top blogs post I had made six years ago. Six years.  That is a LONG time.  I’d forgotten about that post a long time ago, honestly.  When I go back and look at my writing […]

You Should Be Creating Content Today

The times they are a changin’. Especially at this point of the year with the olympics, it’s obvious that the way the US and world are consuming media is changing drastically.  Twitter launched in July 0f 2006, basically six years ago.  That’s not a lot of time, yet it is prevalent in how many consumers […]

The Content is the Promotion

I’ve been disliking how much marketers are talking about content lately.  It’s waaaay too much, because nothing really changed from the year before EXCEPT using the word content a lot.  It’s like “engagement” a few years back.  The masses go crazy about a term that means the same thing it always had and it just […]

Why are there so few blogs worth reading around MN? Or am I blind?

I love Mpls. And Minnesota in general. I’ve worked and gone to school here in Minneapolis since getting out of SCSU in 2005. It’s a great place to live with a ton of really smart and funny people. But… I was looking at my blogroll and thinking why all the really interesting stuff I read […]

Competitive Intelligence & Blogging

There’s a good reason I don’t write about what my specific job entails. A lot of posts on this site are derived from my experiences at work and in life with marketing. A lot of it is just so I take the time to look at what is happening and what I’m doing today; I […]

April Is Over? WHAT?

My output has been relatively low for March and April, but the time has gone incredibly quickly.  I can’t really promise anything different over the next few months as school is wrapping up, I may be taking a trip for a bit and it’s summer time.  Additionally, depending on the time and landing, I’ll be […]

State of The Blogosphere 2009

Some interesting information from Technorati on bloggers: Demographics of Bloggers:  18-44, affluent and 66% male with 3+ blogs!  Prolific too, I guess. Topics and Success Metrics:  Many different types of blogs, but self expression and expertise (ahem) dominate.  Success is measured mostly through posts, personal satisfaction, links and UV‘s. Origination and Use:  Most build blogs […]

Small Piece of Advice

If you start a blog, write about what you love. What you are passionate about. What you think about all the time and might as well put down on paper… ….otherwise, you are completely doomed.

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