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Kept My Trek 1.5

After posting my Trek 1.5 to Craigslist for sale, no one really seemed to want it.  I was kind of on the fence about selling it anyway as I knew when I did it might bug me later.  It’s a really nice bike, I just wanted something with thicker tires because the roads around here […]

Cycling Home From Siberia

I’ve been on a reading tear lately.  Lots of travel. A few weeks ago, I finished a book my mother purchased for me called “Cycling Home From Siberia” by Rob Lilwall.  My fiance and her brother actually both read this before I did, as I was in the midst of some other business reading at […]

Selling My Trek 1.5

Time to get rid of my awesome road bike.  I’m going to get waaaaay back into biking this year and I’ve been meaning to get a hybrid, something a little further upright and sturdier. This bike actually does really well overall, but I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll like something a little bit […]

Spring Fever

Oh sweet jessup, Spring is springing and it’s nice out.  I know we’ll get hit with another storm before it’s official, but it matters not.  I recently purchased my new road bike and I’m anxious to give it a spin.  It’ll probably be another month, but there will be a lot of miles added to […]

I’ve Hit Critical Mass

And no, that’s not a cute allusion to anything.  It’s BMI!  School is getting to me.  I’ve added 9 pounds of what must be pure fat since getting back into school.  This is problematic being that I’ve got to bike 45 miles a day in three weeks.  Sad. I’m going to kick the exercise up […]

Bicycle Decision

I’m back home for a few days in Alexandria, MN.  It feels pretty unfamiliar at this point, I don’t get back enough due to work and school, alongside genuinely loving Minneapolis right now.  Minneapolis is a hell of a town, it keeps me busy.  Alexandria has a lot to offer too, but not right now.  […]

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