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Favorite EPs All Time

I haven’t written about music in some time and was thinking about EPs yesterday.  Here’s a quick run down of my favorite EPs of all time. It should be noted that I don’t usually buy EPs that are derivative of a greater work.  Often bands will make an EP out of one or two songs […]

Worthwhile Listening: Tokyo Police Club and Others

About two years ago I bought a CD called, Champ by Tokyo Police Club.  I really liked it but didn’t buy any other of their music due to having lots of other options and just not getting around to it. This year the well ran dry in terms of new music for a few months […]

Arcade Fire @ Roy Wilkins

It was radical.  Here’s the poster I purchased: And here’s a video: This was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a LONG time and was totally worth the money.  I don’t know when they’ll be back, but I’ll go again.  I need to see more shows.  I know that the formatting bleeds into […]

Prose Decomposed #3: Arcade Fire Neighborhood #1

In light of their playing on Wednesday.  And me going.  8) And if the snow buries my, my neighbourhood. And if my parents are crying then I’ll dig a tunnel from my window to yours, yeah a tunnel from my window to yours. You climb out the chimney and meet me in the middle, the […]

We Used To Wait

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch this newer interactive video from Arcade Fire. Definitely an accomplishment and a testament to what is and will be possible in the future.

Arcade on Fire

This has been the year of Arcade Fire for me thus far.  Although I’ve had an album of theirs for sometime, it was early this year that they became a mainstay in my playlist…and for good reason.  They are very much one of the better bands playing today.  Their new album came out a few […]

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

I’ve been a fan of Arcade Fire for some time, but as with many bands, I haven’t picked up all their releases.  At least, not until now.  I’ve been listening to Neon Bible for a good week and it’s a very good album.  Near as good as their first full album, Funeral.  I also picked […]

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