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Steve Jobs Book

Just finished the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson. The book is a retrospective of Jobs’ life from early childhood to adulthood.  It focuses a great deal on the man’s idiosyncrasies and management style.  It paints him as a radical in that he consistently didn’t care about hurting other people when creating Apple.  He made difficult decisions […]

Draw Something

There has been A LOT of hubbub about Draw Something, the pictionary like application that was recently purchased by Zynga for an outrageous sum (given the time the company has been around, not the quality of the app or monetary considerations).  I haven’t followed it that closely, except for reading an article here and there […]

Adios El Jobso: Reinvention

Just a month ago or so, I wrote a goodbye to Steve Jobs.  He had left Apple, for good within the daily operations and would only be part of the board. Tonight, I was watching CNN en espanol, and saw the words “Steve Jobs Murio” on the bottom of the screen.   I thought it […]

Adios, El Jobso

I am a very big fan of Apple and Steve Jobs.  So when he stepped down this last week, I was actually pretty sad.  It’s a big thing for marketers and fans of tech companies in general. I know it’s somewhat trite to write about him at this point.  His legacy has probably already been […]

Jobs On Marketing and Values

I don’t consider myself a fanboy, but I am in agreement with most of his thoughts here.

iPhone 4

I’m getting one, it’s just a matter of time.  The new design, software upgrade to iOS and upgraded camera have me pretty intrigued.  The speed will undoubtedly be better as well based on the fact that I have a 3G and not the 3GS.  Music is a really big piece of why I have a […]

The New iPhone Hardware

…was an intentional leak.  Of course, I’m not in the know on this, but there are really only two options, intentional and unintentional. Thought the latter is of course possible, it’s likelihood is slim. The good reason for intentionally doing it is that Apple is slightly worried about the new Verizon Android phones (the incredible […]

It’s All Coming Together: iPhone OS 4

I just read up on the Gizmodo and Engadget liveblogs of the Apple OS4 event today.  This entire event was a reinforcement of what has become incredibly clear to me in the last few years; Apple, above all others, is the best marketing company in the entire world.  They are absolutely masterful in creating products […]

iPad…Not Now, But Perhaps In The Future

I’m not against tablet computers.  In fact, I can see a lot of value in their flexibility.  Being able to watch a tv show, go over a presentation with a potential buyer, create smaller scale documents and browse the web in something small that fits into a briefcase actually sounds very nice. A quick disclosure, […]

Initial Thoughts on iPad

It’s not something I’d buy today.  Granted, I just purchased a very nice and functional ASUS EEE which has thoroughly enamored me.  There just isn’t enough email functionality there.  Browsing seems much more advanced than the iPhone, but what is it really giving beyond that?  I have iTunes on my netbook and don’t really use […]

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