And loving it.  The 40 (actually 50+) hour work week is different than school, but in a good way.  There is much more of a cadence and normalcy to the real world, it fits me.  The internship has started off well, the company I work for has been incredibly gracious to all of us and in particular my boss is extremely kind and knowledgeable on the industry.  After only a few days, it already seems like the kind of market that would take indelible amounts of time to comprehend and “master.”  Of course, there is never any complete mastery of a market, they all shift.

One big surprise, I didn’t necessarily know that I’d be as interested in the biology as is evident now.  That’s a bonus.  I’ve never considered myself a normal scientist, always interested in what (anatomy) and how (physiology); the more I learn and memorize the more intriguing it becomes.  Understanding how to sell something in a free market was always good enough for me before, but the subject matter in this market actually adds a lot to the job.  These are things that are relevant to us in our normal lives, but most of us simply don’t have the curiosity to pursue on our own.  After all what does it matter to most of us if your iliac or femoral are superior, the CAGR of certain procedures?  Probably doesn’t, but learning about it is valuable for your health and pretty fun too.

I’ve always loved learning vocabulary, nerd alert, and this position has it in spades.  The amount of initialism and abbreviation (as opposed to acronyms, noted difference) within the medical lexicon is vast.  In most conversations at this point I have learned roughly 50-60% of the terminology, give or take.  It’s tough to ask because there are so many things that you don’t know, but potentially could.  You don’t want to be the guy to ask what NPV is (this is a joke, but you get the idea when looking at Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts all day long and still not picking up why people are noting the abundance of cabbage in the market.)

The big issue?  Trying to do too much and wanting to provide all the value possible right away.  Having the patience to trust the process and take things slow, that sort of thing.  After all there are twelve weeks, not two.  Time to get back to the readings, have to be up early tomorrow.  :-)