I’ve been doing spring cleaning out the body, working out a decent amount and getting some decent amounts of cardio in too.  I use a pull up bar and do pushups in the morning and at night, now I’m ordering a sit up mechanism that sits on your door, we’ll see how that works out.  When I lived on 26th and Dupont, I’d always run down to Lake of the Isles, around it and back.  I think that was maybe 4 miles.  Now I live on 34th and Harriet and run down and around Calhoun, which is about 6 miles.  I’m starting to get used to that.  Running is pretty high impact so I try not to do it all the time, I substitute 12-15 miles on my bike to switch up.

When you’re in school, it often seems like your too busy to exercise or eat well.  You are consistently getting fried food or eating at Chipotle (my favorite spot).  I found that getting in any kind of “workout” was near impossible, so you improvise and find ways to get in some form of activity.  Eating on the other hand is pretty difficult.  Preparing food takes time; time you don’t have.

So now I’m finally starting to eat a little healthier.  Most of my diet is now meats, vegetables, fruits and the like.  Not much for carbs or fatty stuff.  I got a blender for making smoothies, though I haven’t tried it out.  Anyway, after going to the grocery and loading up it hit me that buying healthy food is very expensive comparitively to “bad” food or foods that are manufactured.  The bad stuff is all much cheaper!  Why is that?  Does this have much to do with the ongoing obesity epidemic?  It certainly can’t help.  I shop at Rainbow Foods in uptown and it’s relatively low priced compared to other places (Lunds, Byerlys, Kowalskis, Whole Foods), their selection is pretty good and it’s close.  I would actually prefer to shop at Kowalskis or Lunds, but find that the dollars just don’t stretch as well there.

The market certainly accepts the prices at a Whole Foods (I think it’s kind of wack); but I think there is a really good opportunity for a lower price point Whole Foods like store.  I’m still yet to go to Trader Joes, is that kind of their model?  We’ll see how I do on the new diet, and if I can start to find a better place to buy whole foods and less boxed food.