I’ve referred to my Mondays as marathons the last few months as I had four classes amidst meetings over the first term of the semester.  This term it has lightened somewhat for the fact that I only have three classes on Mondays, but now I have three on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as a new project for the Carlson Consulting Enterprise.

In addition to this, I’ve recently signed up to take a trip to South Korea for ten days to visit a friend and see the sights.  I haven’t had a vacation since senior year of undergrad and it’s well overdue.  In order to take the trip, I have to front load a lot of group work and prepare travel plans etc.  The next few weeks will be a somber lot, with an incredible amount of work to do.  But I’m extremely excited at the same time.  Initially, I’d planned on studying abroad for my second year, but decided against it when the program didn’t seem conducive to my objectives for B school.  As an addition, I decided to take a few trips over the course of the next few years in order to supplement that experience going fallow.

It should be a great time, if anyone has advice on what to do while I’m over there, I’d greatly appreciate it.  As of now, the plan is to go to Seoul then fly down to Jeju Island and finish up in Busan.