I say she because only a woman could hold so much power over me.  It struck my yesterday that the season is getting to me.  The months take so long during winter, I believe that every year a funk occurs where my attitude starts to play limbo.  There’s something to the long cold days, lack of sunlight and ongoing struggle.

Love, life, stress and setbacks for those trying to breathe.

The routine of not getting enough exercise (sweet jessup writing that word is intellectual travesty in itself), staying inside too much, eating too much and a lack of social events just build and bum.  I have a feeling, though not documented, that this happens every year.  I’ll start watching for it now and trying to know if this is SAD or something else, but overall I need to snap out of it.  There are a lot of great things going on now, but I have to go find them.  A good friend won tix (through Twitter!) to the Twolves last night in a suite, it was great (though we got pounded by the Blazers).  I have a kubb tournament in an hour and that will be a blast too.  The point here is that there are fun things happening and it’s easy enough to get out and about if you make the effort.


The type of music you listen to is big as well.  I love Dylan to death, but his tunes are somewhat introspective, purposeful or otherwise, and sometimes that leads to too much thinking.  Trying not to get too introspective is big for someone with OCD.  It’s a trap!  More exercise is helpful too.  The point here is that the weather and inability to get out are causing me distress.  But it’s all a mindset.  Time to get out of it.  :-)  OK, OK, come back.  Sorry didn’t mean to dump on you.  I’ll work something out, OK?  Excellent.