The first semester after the core has been especially hectic.  There are such a great deal of group projects.  I have projects on market research, brand management, info decision sciences, finance and another on the Obama campaign and how to leverage so called “new media.”  This along with work have added up to a lot of running around and working heavy on weekends.  Nothing more than what I signed up for, but that’s why the blog hasn’t seen as much action either.

Overall though, this semester has been far more enjoyable than the core, which packs 7 classes into one semester along with all of the networking, career related sessions and more.  This semester (and all after) are self selected classes and extracurricular activities along with an enterprise focusing on consulting projects (four choices here, brand-consulting-funds-ventures, which are marketing, consulting, financial and startups respectively).  There is still just as much going on, but there’s far more variety in the structure.  It’s just a lot more enjoyable than the core.  Although the interviewing process added a lot of stress for most of us students, I think most of the class would agree that having the core behind us makes the time more fun and faster.  Before we know it, we’ll be graduates and be looking back on this.