Good news, I got an internship from the University of Minnesota!  I’ll be handling the marketing for the Office for Business and Community Economic Development.  That is neat.  It’s funny, I spent the last three years working for a promotional company and now all of a sudden everything I’m doing marketing wise is for non profits; needless to say I’m extremely excited about the opportunity and experiences.  (The other big project on the docket is the Microfinance Alliance Fund which will get its own post.)

At first glance this situation seems very similar to other marketing dilemmas.  Most people who own their own businesses (or whatever) tend to be so busy working on big picture stuff that there isn’t a lot of time to think about marketing.  The big problem with that, of course, is that the marketing is the only thing a consumer or potential user of your services see.  So if they aren’t picking up what you’re throwing down, all is for naught.  You see this everywhere.  Running a business is difficult.  There are a great number of things that must be completed without exception.  Marketing usually doesn’t fall into that category, and it has a way of sliding down the to do list until it becomes a problem.  My guess is that many small businesses and owners aren’t flourishing or optimizing operations due to this slippery slope.  How can you fight this problem as an owner/operator?  Plans.  Build objective oriented plans for the short and long term with due dates and expectations.  Then go about completing these tasks in a methodical way, piece by piece manner and before you know it things are getting done.  It takes patience and determination; good marketing is about consistency.  Think drips, not a flash flood.

This project in particular has a great cause, to improve and stimulate economic growth within the Minneapolis/St. Paul region and beyond.  It’s very cool to be a part of that, and I only hope my efforts will help to reach that goal on an ongoing basis.  Updates to come.