Last night, while volunteering for the Elite 8 Competition me and a friend were welcoming the judges for the competition before they were debriefed.  I’m continually impressed with the caliber of marketers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the breadth of knowledge and ability here must rival that of any city in the nation.  Everyone you meet is not only intellectually stimulating, but indelibly nice.

What really resounds, though, is the fact that near everyone is connected.  Although not everyone has actually met, almost everyone from major corporations has met someone (or many) they work with now.  The community is very tight here and for good reason.  It’s a major MSA populated with some extremely large companies in the CPG, Med Device, Healthcare, Retail spaces, with not only one monolith but many competitors in similar categories, which equates to transferability over the long term for career paths.  It’s a wonderful place to work, with fantastic employers and opportunity for growth.  You see it every day.

There are some other implications of this tight knit community.  Everyone knows everyone, so word travels fast about a particular employee, their work ethic and responsibility or lack thereof.  That is a very good thing from my perspective, and it’s exciting to be part of such a productive marketing community.  I can’t wait to get out into the real world again.  :-)

If you see anyone from Thrivent Financial, please thank them for sponsoring the Elite 8.  If you run into Ryan Backer, Steve Meinz, Dorothy Cravens, Stephanie Lay or Jenna (Zhenya) Melnick please congratulate them on the case and their representation of our school.  Finally, make sure to go see them present at 4pm today!