OK, well I’ve clearly given up on blogging since having a second child.  I suppose that’s acceptable, all given.  Yet there’s some unstoppable force of guilt that emanates from a lack of writing.  There’s something truthful about writing, even when it’s poor.

I’ve even written on LinkedIn recently without posting here.  I’m considering making this a “private” blog now.  I know there’s still a long tail of readers coming to the site randomly from the interwebs, but at this point in my life I don’t see picking up writing in a consistent way until the girls are all grown up.

So if you’re one of the random folks with this blog on your RSS:  hey!  Sorry I’ve been out of touch.  All is good here, hope all is well there.  Perhaps I’ll figure out a better way to keep my thoughts on digital paper soon.  If not, keep well.