Let it be known that 2018 has been an insufferably rainy fall.  It’s just kept on and on the last month and a half.  I’d like to get the leaves cleaned up, but it’s been so wet that finding a pocket of time to do so has been challenging.  Same goes for winterizing everything; difficult to get things set properly if they’re wet due to potential for mold.

It’s hard to pin any of this on ideas like climate change, seems more like an anomaly of weather.  If you’re unaware the difference between climate and weather, here’s a good link.

Outside of that, we’re making good progress on the garage–it’s all painted and I’ll probably put up some shelving today.  It feels warmer today with the insulation, but the test of time will tell the tale.  December, January, and February are the true barometers.  It looks a lot better either way, so there’s that small victory to hold close.

Olive and Juniper are both doing well.  The house is in tatters most of the time and I’ve come to simply accept that children are agents of chaos.  They’re unwilling to leave things in a place and need movement at most times.  It’s trying, but has to improve in time.  Teresa has gone back to work, which seems to be improving her spirits, though it’s tiresome with all the baby activities necessary coupled with work.  It’s a really busy time.  But it’s a good time too.

Work continues to be busy for myself as well.  Business planning is finally wrapped up and we can start implementing some strategic plans for the coming year.  Balancing all of it has been a test this summer–it’s flown by–but hopefully 2019 will bring some return to normalcy.

Best to you and yours, hopefully we see a dry week before the chill truly sets in.