It’s pretty hard to be excited about the future in the US right now.  The political climate is incredibly toxic.  The things politicians are trying to ignore and sweep under the rug to assume power are outrageous, and divisive, like all politics today.

But they say it gets darkest before the dawn.

The truth is most Americans are genuinely good people, but the system that we use to govern ourselves is susceptible to poor actors just like anything else is.  Most people I know are pretty distraught about the current state of affairs, and rightly so.  This is not our forefathers had hoped for as a democracy.

Yet to a certain extent a of this was bound to happen.  When a system rewards poor behavior, it becomes more common place.  When systems can be bent toward the will of those with resources to influence, and an incentive to do so, it will happen.  So to a certain extent, this is like a natural system that self regulates.  When a forest becomes too dense, lightning strikes and it burns.  Then it regrows.

I genuinely feel that’s what’s happening today with our political system.  It’s going through a timeframe where the ugliness and corruption are coming to light, for all eyes to see.  And it is ugly.  It’s awakened me to a number of things I was pretty clueless about, most prominently the way women are marginalized and silenced.  That scares me.  It enrages me.  It’s hard to imagine what it must be like, and I hope no one close to me has to go through it, but I’m sure they have already.

All of this is necessary to change.  These are the toughest times I’ve witnessed, but I do believe we’ll get through it.  I hope you do too.