Dog days of summer came, lay on the floor for a bit, and are slowly getting up and out the door.

The cooler weather has begun to grace our presence, and it’s an excellent time of year.  With that cool weather comes the ability to do a few house projects, this year now that the bathroom is remodeled I’m insulating the garage.

Last year, the winter was pretty severe and the garage was always an ice cube.  The cold from the garage and front stoop created a double front of frigid air that makes the entryway much colder than the rest of the house–it’s a split level.  I’d planned to insulate the garage and then try out a winter to see if it had much of a warming effect.  If it’s already good enough, leave as is.  If it’s still cold, consider a heater to keep it at 35 degrees or so.

It is not a fun job.  The insulation is itchy and a pain to cut and measure.  After each day I take a shower to make sure I’m not covered in minuscule dust.  It is warm work, as you have to climb up in the rafters of the garage and put the product into place, not to mention the dust and dirt that are harbored there.  The list goes on.

Having a project has been good for exercise though.  Using a lot of muscles I don’t necessarily work out at the gym.  Probably need to get into some other household projects moving forward.  We will see how everything turns out.  Next year we want to redo the entryway and add heated flooring, so if the garage is still cold that should hopefully fix it.

The cool weather post summer also has another nice effect–the ability to get outside without worrying about the heat.  We took advantage of that this weekend.  Olive was born July 21st, so she’s roughly 1.5 months old now and we brought her and Juniper out for hikes.  It was Olive’s first foray into the wonderful world of nature.  When Juni was about a month old we took her to Murphy Harnehan and did a brief hike.  We did the same with both this year.

Hiking and connecting with nature are things Teresa and I both really enjoy, I hope we can teach both of our girls the same.