It’s been remarkably quiet on the site, for good reason.  We had our second daughter two weeks ago, her name is Olive Isabelle Ed.  She’s quite a cute one, significantly heavier than Juniper was initially.  They look pretty similar outside of that.

I should probably get a few photos up, but haven’t taken the time to save them to my computer.  In all truth, blogging has fallen off my radar pretty heavily as of late due to work and getting ready for Olive’s entry to the world.  But it’s more than that, it’s been kind of a rough year in terms of being excited about the future.  On a personal level, everything is going really well.  Life in general is really good.  But on a macro scale, the US seems to have hit some really trying times and it’s taking its toll.  Even on a global level, thinking about the ramifications of climate change and the long term issues which will arise are pretty daunting.

All of this in a world where two beautiful little girls are going to have to make their way.  I’ll do everything I can to get them up to speed, but sometimes looking forward can be a tough go.

I’m excited to see you grow up Olive.  Here’s to you!  :-)