Well, it’s April.  And every year I try to forewarn people that we’ll get a good snowfall 50% of the time.  It’s pretty normal.

This year we are getting well above average.  All weekend snow and ice fell and it’s a good twelve inches worth; easily the heaviest snowfall of the year here.  In mid April.  That’s pretty impressive.  In our house smarter people are saying that it was the top ten blizzards on record.

After snowthrowing out the driveway, the plow man deigned to stop by and offer me some additional exercise.  It’s all done and behind us now, until Wednesday when another three inches are expected.  We’ve basically stayed in all weekend waiting it out, fortunately there’s been plenty to do for entertainment but all of us are itching to be past this portion of the year.  Spring is not my favorite season, however I’d welcome it.

Other news, we are expecting our second child in July, which is delightful.  Naming the upcoming addition is similarly difficult to last time, but we’ll figure it out.  Many things to be done before then, including a large bathroom remodel downstairs.  The original build of the house neglected it pretty well so it’s time to remedy that; it will likely take a month or so and start in early May.

All is well, short of the snow.  Hope all is well with you too.