My brother in law had recommended A Wrinkle In Time to me a few months back.  Having been in the midst of reading my 4th book on climate change, it seemed like a good time to take a break for some lighter reading.  It was worthwhile.

A Wrinkle In Time is the story of a young girl whose father has gone missing.  Her little brother and herself are beset by some mysterious strangers over the course of a few days and it sets in motion a journey across the cosmos to save their father.  It’s a fun, and intriguing look at the world through the eyes of youth.  It is a quick story to read, probably 4-5 hours worth if your a slower reader like myself.

The book is part of a five part series, which I purchased, and intend to read over time.  Last year and this year I’ve been reading a lot more children’s stories (Watership Down, Chronicles of Narnia, Hatchet, etc.) as a way to lighten my concern over more serious matters.  Eventually I’d like to introduce Juniper to all of these stories; I can only hope to instill a love for reading with her early as it’s such a powerful force in ones life if embraced.  If that doesn’t work I’ll probably bribe her, that’s been having a good effect on potty training.  Economists have it right on the incentive angle.

If you’re looking for some fun reading, this book is a good offering.  It was also a steal, I got the set of five books for $14 on Amazon; however it looks as though it’s now up to $30.  Guess I got in before the Disney commercials for the new movie got everyone interested in purchasing.