Winter of 2018 has been a pretty cold one.  It’s had ups and downs, but the last few weeks have been pretty frigid.  I just picked up a small cold and the flu has been making it’s rounds all over.  January is generally the toughest part of the year in Minny due to the cold and the fact that all the fun holiday things are past.  February is not much better for similar reasons, but you can see the corner your about to turn; it’s a short month and March undoubtedly has some warm weather to offer.

Something to look forward to, for certain.

This is the time of year to hole up and watch some movies.  We’ve been watching the Three Flavour’s Cornetto Trilogy as of late, two down and one to go.  Highly recommended.

Today is tax day, Teresa, Juni and I are headed to the tax man in an hour.  Hopefully he’s kind.  I like to get that sort of thing out of the way as soon as possible.  Depending on outcome we may start looking at remodeling the downstairs bathroom in the Spring.

Not a great deal to report outside of that.  The days are short and cold, the nights long and fun.  Life goes on.