Just now on Twitter I saw a note from Ed Yong on polar bears starving to death.  It was a tweet with a video, the video still showed a bear obviously in death throes; it looked like a white fur skeleton.  I couldn’t watch the video.  It hurts too much to watch animals suffer like that.

The other day on Twitter I saw a young man in a hotel being yelled at by a police officer on video to walk crawl toward him.  The young man was crying, scared for his life.  The police officer was extremely, profoundly frightening.  It’s his job to be safe and make sure the person cannot do them harm.  The way he addresses the young man is terrifying–he has a semi automatic weapon pointed at him, barking orders.  As he is crawling toward the officer, he reaches back, seemingly to grab at his pants.  It happens quickly.  The police officer shoots him three times and kills him.  It seems completely illogical and wrong.  The kid had no weapons.  All I can think is that this young man likely was in a situation he shouldn’t have been, lord knows what, but that can happen to kids.  He killed him.

The saddest aspect of these things is that it’s just us.  It’s the human race, choosing what’s OK and what’s not.

I’m not OK with continuing to burn fossil fuels at large scale and kill off animals and environments.

I’m not OK with police using lethal force without clear and present danger.

I’m not OK these things, but the truth is they’ve been happening a lot longer than Twitter.  We’re just seeing them now.

It’s pretty difficult to be upbeat about the future for my family when you see these things.  But we have to keep fighting for it, regardless.