In Minnesota a good deal of time is spent tending to the changes in weather.

During the spring you typically clean the inside and outside of the house, mostly due to being cooped up during colder months.  It’s just part of what you do as the weather warms up, open the windows and clean.  There is typically a lot of rain at that time too, which actually melts any leftover snow and cleans up some of the dirt lingering around.

That rain transitions to summer and the grass grows very swiftly initially.  It needs cutting and the trees need trimming.  It isn’t a lot of work, but it keeps you busy enough during weekends.  During the latter part of summer sometimes there will be a lack of rain and the need to trim and cut the lawn stops; however lately that hasn’t been the case.

The fall comes slowly and leaves abruptly here.  The late August early September timeframe is truly a wonderful experience and the peak fall season is really captivating.  Trees turn different shades and meld together into a melting pot of natural beauty, only to last a few days or at most a week.  Experiencing that aspect of life here alone is probably worth all the cold.

Yet the winter itself has its own treasure to offer.  Preparing for it takes time and thought.  Cleaning out the gutters and bagging the leaves.  Placing outdoor amenities inside or under coverings so as to limit their wear.  Putting plastic on the windows to limit the heat loss out of the house.  Rearranging the garage for cleanliness so as to hinder any need to do so when the cold sets in.  The list goes on.

All of these things are ritualistic.  They create a sense of comfort both in their outcomes and the actual recurring nature of the actions.  Winterizing is part of life here.  As is spring cleaning, summer maintenance, fall yard work and everything in between.  Keeping the grounds means keeping a rhythm.