Time to say thanks.

Thanks to everyone in my life who has helped me to be the person I am, and is helping me become a better person.

Thanks to my wife, I love you and everything you do for our family.  You are everything to me.

Thanks to my daughter–hope springs eternal and Juniper is a walking embodiment of great things to come.

Thank you to my parents for teaching me everything about hard work and what it means to be a good person.  Sometimes life feels really mixed up and I miss Alexandria–thanks for your past and ongoing support.

Thanks to all the people I work with, it’s amazing to be a part of a team leading in the industry and learning how to make a real impact.  Thanks to the people that lead the company and create an environment for us to thrive, it’s not easy but I recognize the hard work you are doing.

Thanks to all my friends for being there.

Thanks to my dogs, because they are unquestionably the best companions you can have.  :-)

Thanks for reading, you certainly don’t have to.

Thanks for your understanding, this year has been a good one overall but fraught with stress in other ways and sometimes I’m not the best version of myself.  Work in progress.

I’ll leave the thanks at that, just know that you are appreciated.  Every day you may make someone’s life better simply by talking to them and being there.  Embrace that.  Embrace your family next weekend, I know I’ll be doing that.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.