2017 has been filled with a lot of audio.  I’d never really listened to podcasts before starting my job at Mortenson, and did so to learn about the industry I work in.  There are a number of podcasts about energy, and the first one that hooked me was The Energy Gang, which is really well produced, topical and interesting.  The hosts discuss topics happening in the industry and some outside of it, while peppering in interviews with different folks and perspectives.

That podcast alone taught me a great deal about energy and the economics surrounding it.  But I didn’t stop there.  Podcasts are really interesting in that when done well

they are somewhat addictive.  Like a great television show or new hobby, you gravitate toward it again and again.  I expanded my list of podcasts, most of them work related but a few sports related for entertainment as well.  I love basketball and listening to podcasts on that is better than TV in my opinion.
All of this audio is on the way to and then back from work, or sometimes during mowing the lawn or a road trip to see my parents in Alexandria or Teresa’s in Cloquet.  It truly is edutainment at it’s finest.

The only issue I have is that my time spent listening to music has gone down.  I still buy albums but don’t repeat them as often.  They tend to come in and go out of my life faster than previous years, and that’s kind of an issue because many albums take a lot of listens to really resonate with you.   Right now I’m listening to Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile’s new LP, it’s slower and bluesy to an extent, but it’s well done.  This is the type of album you have to “learn” to really appreciate; the music is good but it’s not something that hooks you immediately.

Many, many things have changed for me this year, which I’ll probably update more during my December end of year or new years resolutions posts.  I’ve started some really good habits this year, and podcasts are only one of them.  But I do wonder if music listening is going to suffer, or will this be a temporary change?  Time will tell, as with all things.  Hope fall is treating you well.