We are approaching fall here in Minnesota, time to bunker down the hatches, take out the docks and lifts, wrap up the outdoor furniture and clean out the gutters.  Seems odd to be saying that given that it was mid 80s the last few days, but it’s on my mind as October approaches.

That also means my music of the year post is coming in a few months, which was one of the reasons I had the site fixed.  It’s actually been a slower year for music thus far, however there have been a few break throughs.  Strangely, I’ve had a number of events for music in the last month that I’ve been really excited to see. A few weeks back Conor Oberst played at Palace Theater in St. Paul.  He played a really good mix of his older tunes and newer stuff.  His new album is really good, highly recommend picking it up.

Shortly after we went up to Cloquet to visit Teresa’s family.  I took her dad to see John Prine at the DECC auditorium, and it was a fantastic show.  John is getting on in age but you would never know it by his set.  He played a good hour and 45 minutes and his guitar was immaculate.  His voice is obviously a little different than his 20s and 30s, but he sounds great.  Some artists lose that (my favorite artist, Bob Dylan falls into this category for sure) but Prine is still on top of his game.

In two weeks Frankie Cosmos is playing at the Triple Rock.  I’m as excited to see this band live as anyone, they are one of the most interesting groups making music today.

If you are looking for some new albums:  Alvvays new one is really good.  Deer Tick’s new double album sounds pretty good thus far but I’ve only listened a few times.  Open Mike Eagle just dropped an album I haven’t picked up yet.  It seems like the spotify model of streaming is taking over for most people, but I’m sticking to albums for now.  It costs more, but it’s better for learning an artists style and change over time in my esteem.