Tuesday this week we left on a jet plane to San Diego for a very quick getaway.  The trip was exploratory in more ways than one, with Juniper we just don’t know how well she’ll travel at this point.  Her first trips to Florida, Sweden and Iceland were a different time in her cognition state and reactions are subject to variance.  As such, the trip was only until Friday, about three days in total but including two four hour flights.

It was also my first foray into California for pure tourism.  My job dictates traveling to California roughly four times per year if not a bit more, so I’m used to the areas, particularly San Francisco, but haven’t had a lot of time to simply explore.
IMG_3748 (1)
On the first day we went to Seaport Village and walked along the shoreline, did a bit of shopping (tourist wares are almost always a waste of time unfortunately), and had free ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s – free cone day!  What luck!  IMG_3801 (1)

The second day was significantly busier than the first.  We woke up and headed to the San Diego Zoo after breakfast.   The zoo is renowned as one of the best in the US, and although my exposure is somewhat limited I thought it was well thought out and a lot of fun.  Juni saw a great deal of animals she’d never seen before and seemed to be enjoying herself.  That night we went to Coronado and got a feel for the area including the beautiful beach that stretched for what seemed like a mile long.  Coronado seemed like a really nice area and if we go back I’ll be looking to see if we can find a place for rent there.
The last full day we spent going to Balboa Park in the AM, walking around the museums and shops at first then going to the children’s park.  Afterward we walked around the area while Juniper slept and finally got lunch at the Prado which had excellent food and drinks.  Later that evening we went to La Jolla Cove.  This was my favorite part of the trip, we saw seals, sea lions, and many varieties of birds.  The best part was Juniper learning to walk along the sand and getting wet when the tide rolled in.  She held my hand, which isn’t necessarily something she does often, and we laughed as the cold water lapped at our ankles.

It was a packed trip, but I’m glad we did it.  Since then we’ve been doing spring cleaning around the house.  Having a few days after a vacation prior to work may be the nicest aspect of it all.  I have to catch up on email and a number of other things, but it has been well spaced.

Our next trip is planned, back to California in July.  This time it will be San Francisco and the red woods.