It’s that time of year, the first snow has fallen.  This first part of winter is actually really enjoyable on multiple fronts.  The holidays are right around the corner, which usually means gathering with family members and taking a little time off from work.  I’m certainly planning on both as my workload has been on overdrive lately and a solid week off would do wonders.

Basement Nook

This year we had a few projects to get completed prior to the cold setting in.  The biggest was having gas inserts put into our fireplace / chimney areas.  The decision to actually do it was largely based on how cold it gets in a split level house.  We anticipate Juni spending a lot of time downstairs and having a nice warm fireplace radiating heat will go a long way toward making it cozy and inviting.  We’ve been working with the gas company to get them installed the last two months and it’s finally completed.  They are pretty slick, with thermostat based remotes which you can set to be warmer or colder, on timers or just binary off and on.

We rearranged the basement (well technically it was Teresa) to give some more play area on the East side of the house and now have a chair by that fireplace.  Eventually we’ll move the dog kennels and get another chair there as well, but probably not until next year.  To round out this new reading nook, I purchased a small footstool which is now in place.  It’s going to be a fun winter–hopefully we get some time outside as well as in.

Next steps are getting all furniture and miscellaneous items organized outside near the house, making sure the snowblower is running properly and a final check on the rain gutters.  All this before another Vikings loss!  ;-)

We are celebrating Xmas at Thanksgiving this year on Teresa’s side so not sure I’ll be writing much until after.   Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.