The last three months I haven’t purchased an album I didn’t like.  Normally my purchases have a 50% “value” ratio where it’s a good album and will get listened to again in the future.

Some albums hold up for a few spins and otherwise aren’t paid attention.  Some get a huge amount of rotations during the year and eventually fade out.  Most albums follow this route.  Some last two years and fade.  Then there are the upper echelon of albums that are played repeatedly over the years.  Very few albums break into this area simply due to inability to come to mind as something to listen to out of nowhere.

This is why certain artists continually get more plays.  Dylan especially has created so many “timeless” albums that were, are and will forever be great.  I’ve been on a hot streak lately, it’s been like ten albums straight of really good music.  It’s going to be a very difficult time to choose top albums this year.

Here are some albums to check out if you are looking for something new:

Okkervil River – Away
Conor Oberst – Ruminations
Frankie Cosmos – any of her albums, but the most recent is fantastic
NOFX – First Ditch Effort
Atmosphere – Fishing Blues
Bon Iver – 22, A Million

There are some older records I’ve been listening to as well, but I’ll wait until the year ends to put together the proper list.  Hopefully I’ll be writing a good amount during that time as I’ll be taking some much needed vacation.