It’s been a long time now that I’ve expected mobile computing to take over the desktop computing platforms.  There’s always going to be a desktop platform (or at least some version of it) as it’s so helpful to have large screens for analyzing data.  I use two wide screens at work, usually have multiple Excel files, Email, Powerpoints and PDFs open.  It’s very productive.

On a side note–it seems like a lot more lately people have been asking me “What do you do at work all day?” I think it’s pretty lost on people as “Marketing” sounds really generic.  I love my work because it’s largely variable.  My role is centered on business growth and runs the gamut from market research (a lot of it) to helping our business development teams build relationships and get project work.  Every day is different and it’s an incredible job at an incredible company.

Productivity at work is very important, but at home it doesn’t mean a lot.  Most of my computing at home is simply a leisure experience.  And most websites have gotten well developed enough that a tablet computer is just fine for interaction.  We have speakers and seating upstairs, where my favorite past time of listening to music happens.  Since having put in all of those components, my computing with a full QWERTY at home has gone down immensely.  As have my posts to this site.

There’s still a ton of interesting things going on, but posts will likely continue to dwindle until I figure out how to bake it into a routine.  Juniper has kept us busy this last year and it’s been a really fun and challenging change.

Mobile computing is here to stay and will only get stronger.  It makes me wonder if writing, even if only from casual folks such as myself, will dissipate more thoroughly throughout the world as this technology continues it’s path toward ubiquity.