The last three weeks have all been work travel.  San Francisco, Dallas, and Richmond Virginia.

I don’t mind work travel, it’s a nice chance to meet with customers and hear what they are working on in their business.  It also breaks up the typical work you have going on, although it also means potentially falling behind slightly.  Every day after a trip is usually spent catching up on emails and trying to get back into actual project work while trying to manage the new things coming your way in addition.

Travel is not, however, glamorous in any way.  Often when I mention to people that I’m traveling to meet with customers or for an exhibition, people will state how they wish they travelled and insinuate that it’s just having a good time.  It’s not.  It’s real work and it’s draining too.  I do enjoy it, but make no mistakes about it being a vacation of some sort.

In my previous role, I worked with sales teams that had corporate account managers overseeing very large global customers (and today work in a similar situation although in a different industry.)  These folks travelled all the time, near every week.  Much like consultants, the job is based anywhere and everywhere you are needed.  And that’s why you’re compensated as such.  That life is simply not something I could do and I’m filled with admiration for people that can handle a family life and still travel consistently.  It would be very difficult in my esteem.

Travel is a part of business, at least for many roles, however it’s still work and if you think otherwise…you likely haven’t had to travel much for work.