It’s been quite some time since writing something of substance, or at least a grouping of written ideas of substance.  The times, they are a changin’.

Juniper is still yet to fully bloom, but she is bright and amazing and temporal and all encompassing.  She really is an amazing little thing.  Skinny like a spindle.  Smiling always.  Infuriatingly fickle.  Full of life and love.  Utterly important to my day to day and my understanding in general.  She’s a bridge to a new world.  A road toward a sunset.   A whisper of the beauty in humanity.

When you are young, all your best is there for the world to see and appreciate.  All the best virtues of our species are in the youth.  This is the reason that full grown adults show pictures of themselves as young people, babies or slightly older.  They remember themselves for being pure at heart and idealistic.  As you grow older, the world puts upon you with many pragmatic considerations that have more or less nothing to do with the joy of being a young person.  There are so many great things to appreciate which are simply beyond youth culture’s capability to comprehend–perhaps this is an intentional dichotomy.

At any rate, the work involved with raising another human as dictated by my moral compass has proven to be a near earth shattering expectation by any right, and it has eaten up gobs of time, which at the present moment is unlikely to see any upheaval.   We’re in the long times.  The time when there is little left to say for lack of time.  But it is a good time, and for those of you looking for an update, even if myself at a later date, we are thankful for it.