It’s that time again, already!  Here are my goals for last year.  Here’s a quick paraphrase and my thoughts on where I landed overall:

1.  Become a (Good) Dad: This one really can’t be quantified for measurement, but can be assessed in hindsight.  There are many things to do for this, most of them small changes that are somewhat tough despite being small.  Get up earlier.  Keep the household in order at all times.  Eliminate swears from the vernacular.  The list is truly unending, but it has to be a priority.  Hopefully I’ll update the changes throughout the year as things to focus on.

Well, I definitely got half of this right–Juniper is here now and has been the last seven months.  What a trip it has been, what a blessing to have in our lives.  As to how good of a Dad I am, that’s really more up to her, but I’m doing my best to make sure she has everything she needs and will be well set up for success in her life.  I’d give this one a check mark.

2.  Read and Write More: I only read about 7 books last year.  That’s pretty low.  A few of them were longer books, but my consistency in reading was just too low.  Also the number of posts on this blog was probably an all time low by year.  Not sure if I broke 12 posts!  That’s atrocious.  Goals are going to be reading at least one book a month, and writing a post at least once a week–12 books and 52 posts for the year.

I hit the writing goal and missed on the books goal.  Reading this last year has been really unimportant to me for whatever reason.  I just finished David Foster Wallace’s essays in “Consider the Lobster” which I’ll detail here soon enough.  A few others too.  But I’ve been slow to finish books and haven’t really been focused on getting reviews on the blog too, which is a bit odd.  I think I’m at a point where writing on the blog and reading and certain other activities are going to get less precedence in the future.  And that’s OK.  At some point I’m sure I’ll realize that it is important to have a written history and get more adamant about it again, but int he meantime things will be slower.

3.  Pay Off Student Loans: It has been a long time coming and may take until the end of the year, but eliminating the costs of loan payments will financially make us a lot more secure.  I won’t say how much has to be paid off, but there’s still a good amount.

Checked off the list.   This goal, and other financial goals, are a little touchy to me–the main reason being I have friends that haven’t paid off loans or have different situations.  So whenever you put something out there like “I want to save $XX,XXX and invest it” or the like, there’s a likelihood it will alienate others, which is never my intent.

I’m going to continue to keep financial goals written out but not specifically.  The interesting thing about writing goals down is the likelihood you actually achieve them goes up significantly.  There’s a social pressure scenario when others know of them, but it’s more the idea of stating it in a way that makes you culpable.  Annual goals and review is probably one of the more enjoyable aspects of this blog for me on a personal level.  Hopefully it inspires others to do the same.

4.  Fitness:  I’m at roughly 170LB right now and would like to get to anywhere from 160-165LB. I believe that’s my target weight.  This is always tough, as my time for exercise is likely to go downward, which means figuring out how to build it into the schedule before and after work.

I did not achieve this goal, didn’t even really get close actually.  There are a few reasons, but I won’t detail them here.  Bottom line is that I didn’t get it done and ended up the year heavier than last–however I actually am in decent shape all said and done.  I’ve started working at a new organization that has a gym on site and basically go 4x per week.  My muscle mass has done up drastically and my core is stronger.  There’s still a long way to go, but I believe it’s the right path.

Overall that’s 2.5/4 for goals.  Not really good enough in my estimation, but this year was really good otherwise.  I’ll cover off on goals for 2016 in another post.  This next year I’d like to switch up the goals a little–so much has changed in this last year and I really need to figure out better ways to get things done.