2015 has been a truly remarkable year in terms of weather.  Our summer has been filled with beautiful days and a good amount of rain, keeping the grass growing week after week.  The last month has been filled with above average days, and today in early October we have 70’s and low 80’s.  Fall is the best hiking time here, it’s cool enough that longer walks don’t get too hot with beautiful colors as the trees turn.  It’s also still dry, unlike the spring time which is rather muddy.  Today we’ll likely go down to 9 Mile Creek and do a walk, before getting back and handling chores as well as getting some work done.

I’d like to get back to Alexandria for a weekend, however we have to get up to Cloquet and Detroit Lakes as well so I’m uncertain if it will happen.  This weekend we’d considered it, but with the amount of work happening for business planning we needed a little time to chill out.  I’d like to get back to the normal cadence of writing twice a week.  I believe that will be happening soon, it’s been a very fast three months and things tend to slow down come winter.

It’s time to get outside and hike Minnesota with Juni and Teresa.

9 mile