Quick one today–

  • Rebuilding the shed today in the same vein as the fence last year, should keep me busy most of the day.  Have to go buy some cedar posts and crossbeams, then install.
  • New iPhones ordered today for Teresa and I; definitely time to do so, my phone won’t charge and the home button is busted.  Ack.
  • My cousin is married!  Going over there today to wish him well.  They are both lawyers; it’s a tough time for that so I’m interested to see where he goes with it.
  • Time to clean up the garage for the winter, things are getting cooler here in MN and the condensation is coming out on the cars.
  • Blown away by how quickly the year is going, over and over this is a concept that continues to show it’s head.
  • Preplanning a trip to Sweden and Iceland next year to visit my friend who is teaching there–will likely write more on this later.
  • Gone most of next week for a trade show in California, the first for my new job–very excited to meet some folks in the industry and learn from others.
  • Musical rotation:  Beach House, Desaparacidos, Guided By Voices, Sage Francis.
  • New stuff:  Beirut, Chvrches, Metric