It’s been too long since getting some words down on pixel.

On the family side, we’ve continued to work to get my father in law back up to speed.  He is now home and working on restoring his cardiac health with doctors up in Cloquet.  In short, it’s been a scary experience that reminds of the precocious nature of life on Earth.  It comes and it goes.  Vonnegut called it clearly in Slaughterhouse 5, in a detached yet loving manner.  Life here is complex and all encompassing in the moment.  But it’s over in a short time – we only have a lifetime.

Teresa’s grandmother has recently had a heart attack as well, getting a stent the other day.  It was much milder than her father’s, but her health is still in question.  It is difficult not to reflect on your own actions and time while that of others is diminishing.  None of this is meant as a sad story of course, it’s merely a time to consider how to spend your time.

Juniper continues to grow and is cuter and cuter.  She smiles when she sees me and her mother, she is now rolling over on both sides–it won’t be long until she is sitting up and crawling around.  She is small, but strong in the legs, back and neck.  Her arms are not on par with the rest of her little being, but will catch up in due time.  She is also enrolled at daycare, which seems to be going without a hitch.  The daycare has only little girls, not by design.  Normally my role is to drop off, while Teresa picks up.  This last week I picked up at about 5pm and was accosted by 6 little girls, each one of them cute as button, giggling and asking questions about the baby.  Lots of fun there to be had for Juni.

Work wise, I started a new role at Mortenson Construction working for their Solar & Emerging Renewables Group.  This industry is completely outside of my background, but 100% what I want to do with my career.  Sustainability has always been very high up on my priority list and there isn’t a better place to have taken a role.  Everyone at the company has been extremely welcoming and helpful.  The process of learning about the industry and technology involved with the work has been extensive–with a huge list of things to do yet.  It has kept me busy.  Every day I wake up at 5am and read for an hour and a half on technology before getting Juni to daycare.  The process is long but learning new things has always been enjoyable for me, so it’s a labor of love.

In light of that, I may start posting more information on Solar technologies in my other accounts, or potentially here.  My work has always been off limits on this blog, but the idea of the technology itself is fair season.  The bottom line is that solar energy is a clean, economically sound way to provide power and I’m ECSTATIC about being in the industry, more to come.

Teresa has started school again, so our house is a mess while we balance day care, a new job for me, her returning to work and the hectic nature of family illness.  Blog posts postponed until now, however they will likely pick up again as we return to some semblance of normalcy.