Woke up today thinking about Dad.  My father is 68 as of a few days back, truthfully I struggle to remember his age and have to ask near every year.  I wonder if he knows mine?!  :-)  It may be just a personality flaw, I do not remember dates, numbers and the like easily.  Some stuff sticks, others doesn’t.  Recalling what people say, and words of all sorts has always come easier.

Today is Father’s Day.  My first as a Dad and my 32nd as a son.  We are going to celebrate by going for a hike this morning at Murphy Hanrehan Park.  The best things in life involve family and tradition, IMO.  Today we start a new one.  It’s a beautiful day and hopefully we can beat the heat as Juniper shouldn’t be out too long.  It’s also tick season according to Teresa and the dogs haven’t gotten their Frontline yet, so we won’t be taking the pups.

I hope you and yours have a great Father’s Day–it looks to be a great one.