Still keeping very busy on weekends, this week reorganizing the garage.

First up was building a new work bench. The previous owners (probably the owners before the previous owners) took out old cabinetry from the kitchen and used it in the garage as shelving, which was clunky. I tore it all out last weekend and burned a good deal of the wood. It’s amazing how hard it is to demolish things like that. Part of it was an indoor/outdoor doghouse, and there was insulation and all kinds of wood, with roughly a hundred nails holding it together! It took a lot more time to rip apart than I’d expected.

This weekend I built a new work bench, check it out at about 80% completed:


I’m putting the finishing touches on this weekend with pegboard, an overhead light and organizing all my tools. Additionally I purchased a lot of shelving for other areas in the garage and will finalize everything in the next day or two. There’s a ton of saw dust and lots of work to do just to clean up, but overall there should be a LOT more room and it will be much easier to access everything.

After reflooring the upstairs with hardwood, the basement with engineered hardwood, rebuilding the garden, rebuilding the garage organization, and a few other small projects I think it’s time to call it good for the summer. We’ll pick up some more project work (shelving in the living area upstairs and potentially fireplace inserts) in the Fall.