Well Tempo has officially arrived–and she has been named Juniper Mae.

Say hello to the world.
Juni Mae
Juniper was 6lb 8oz and 19 inches long at 3:29pm on May 23rd.  She is our first child and already too cute for her own good.  The labor started at about 3am Friday night and continued for roughly 12.5 hours.

The process of labor is somewhat surreal.  It’s so hard to see someone you love go through it–and it’s physically exhausting.  I tried to help Teresa in any way I could with breathing and being close to her so she was going through it with someone.

The night before going in, I’d been reading up on the NBA Draft (Twolves are picking #1!) and having a few adult beverages.  We did NOT think that Juniper was coming any time soon as there had been no progression in the last week between Teresa’s check ups.  As such, I’d gone to bed at about 2AM.

At 3AM, Teresa got up and knew something was happening.  She called into the hospital.  They said to wait, which we did until about 7am and at that point the contractions were close enough together that we were getting froggy about going in.  Only one problem:  they hospital was out of rooms!

We’d been planning to go to Park Nicollet Methodist.  They have a beautiful facility and Teresa really liked the midwives.  During a tour, someone asked if they are often at capacity, which was met with a prompt “It’s extremely rare and unlikely.”  Welp–it happened.

Other hospitals were certainly not something we relished the idea of, so at about 7AM we simply drove in and checked in.  I don’t know that the nurses were super happy with us at first, Teresa was still conversational at that point and weren’t sure if she was far enough along.  We stayed in Triage (an area for capacity, not nearly as nice but comfortable enough.)

By 10am, things had REALLY sped up and the midwife stated “You are rocking, let’s get you set up in a room.”  Teresa had wanted a room with a tub, which we got.  The nurses and rooms at Methodist are fantastic, they did such a fantastic job and were really helpful despite being at capacity most of our stay, I really can’t recommend them enough.  For new parents, having that security and comfort really helped.

The labor process was intense, despite the fact that it went pretty quickly for us — labor times upwards of 24  hours aren’t necessarily uncommon.  It is near indescribable.

For me, life itself is mind boggling.  The fact that we get up and talk to one another and get coffee and do every day things blows my mind in some ways.  That we can contemplate our own existence–past, present, and future is so uncommon and impressive.  The birth of a child is similarly mind boggling, but it was special compared to everything else I’ve experienced thus far.

As I stated, it was VERY hard to be there while Teresa was in such pain, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  I remember looking at the clock just hoping it would be over by a certain time–and it didn’t necessarily happen.  It was the hardest thing I’ve done, and I didn’t do the hard part!

After 12.5 hours of difficulty and pain, Juniper arrived.  I cried.  It was the most beautiful moment of my life and I don’t think it will ever be the same.  I’m just so proud of Teresa. She was in such pain and worked so hard.  She’s still hurting today, but she did it the way she wanted to.  And now we have a baby girl to spend our lives with.

We got home yesterday and have been trying to figure everything out.  Getting things back in order, it feels good to be home.  Jasper is already very curious to see Juniper as much as possible, Stella is going to take longer but she will come around.

Jaspy Juni

I’m going to take the next week off.  Tomorrow is the wake and funeral for my grandfather, so I’ll be driving to Paynesville during the mid point of the day and then coming back.  It’s a sad time and a happy time–life and death on Memorial Day are both present.

We are all looking forward to the next chapter with you Juniper, love Mom and Dad.