Yesterday was my day for toil in the sun while tearing down the existing garden and beginning the rebuild.  The project is roughly half done at this point with a lot more to do–I’m sore as my day job doesn’t lend itself to the physical rigor part of such activities.  Went through two full batteries on my new drill and gave my father’s cross cut saw a good work out.  Feels good!


I should have taken pictures prior to tearing down the first aspects, but did not.  There were about 12 posts holding 1 inch mesh chicken wire around the box, roughly 3.5 feet high, which were tore out.  The wood in this garden is already pretty soft, which is concerning long term.

You see that new beams were added to the top of the existing box, they will be used for stability on new posts, which will be roughly 2 feet high in order to reach over.  We have a fence now which keeps other larger animals out, so the main concern are rabbits, which are plentiful!  Additionally there are now beams that connect the base to the outer fence area as a barrier for the wood chips we put down.  Stella and Jasper tore up the corner too much so it was time to make a change.

Next steps:

1. Add posts  and chicken wire to perimeter.
2. Add edging to top of posts for securing wire.
3. Build door and add with hinges and latching.
4. Pick out a coat of paint.

I’ll post the final project when complete.  Have a good Sunday!