We had zero plans this weekend, which was fantastic as last weekend was an “ass kicker” of momentous proportions.  So faced with hours of open time and no plans, we got busy cleaning out the house.  We dropped off a HUGE amount of excess clothing and other stuff at Goodwill Easter Seals (who I’ve done consulting for and love btw.)  If you’re looking for a good place and cause to rid your self of excess materials, consider GWES–they help people develop real skills and acquire long term work.  Also they make it very easy with drive up donation spots and their people are always kind.  In addition to that, Teresa was ruthless about cleaning out other areas and now we’re going to sell a lot of other things that have been laying around the house at our friends garage sale in two weeks.

Since we’d cleared out so many things, it made sense to get some cleaning too.  Yesterday we rented a carpet cleaner and went over our guest bedroom and downstairs carpets.  Everything is smelling much better.  Of course, Stella just had to spoil things by having an accident immediately after the cleaning this morning, but it was cleaned up and all is right again.

For my birthday, Teresa purchased me a very nice Milwaukee drill and impact driver set.  I had an old Black and Decker drill the last five years, which got me buy but was really poor.  The battery would drain quickly and became pretty much useless.  I’m excited to get to work with the new drill.  The project?  I’m going to rebuild our garden, which looks pretty crumby at this point, with all new treated timbers and a nice water seal paint.  Next year we’d like to rebuild our deck as well, no shortage of projects for a good drill.

After that, it’s time to get to business work, the next two weeks are going to be packed with launch work.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.