It feels like spring at this point, and the projects around the house are building up.  With Tempo coming, we are trying to optimize space in the house and be as prepared as we can be before arrival.  Today I’ll be building a shoe organization shelving unit.

We have a garden, probably about 150 square feet, enclosed in the backyard.  It is square to the cedar fence we put in two years ago with about three feet of grass between.  Stella and Jasper TEAR through this area like it’s a NASCAR turn.  They break down the soil extremely quickly and it’s already looking like a mud pit.  When that happens they both get muddy paws and it’s a hot mess around the house.  So today I’m getting wood chips and covering the entirety of that 90 degree angle around the garden.

The garden is really nice in terms of production, we get a lot of veggies and fruits from it every year.  But it has seen better days in terms of dexterity.  This summer I’m going to replace all the wooden timbers and fencing so that it looks a bit more polished.  Also going to paint the revised wood along with the flower beds we put in last year the same color for some consistency.

Plenty of work to get done today.  It’s actually a lot of fun.  :-)