This is the time of year that seasonal affective disorder usually takes hold, but we’ve had a very light winter and it hasn’t been completely crumby. The new snowblower we bought barely got used, we had a really nice December and January, with colder than typical November and February. But thus far it’d rate above average in terms of severity. Meanwhile the East Coast continues to get pummeled with huge snow storms continually.

Still this time of year is a bit dry as we’ve been cooped up quite a bit the last four months due to weather. I’ve had a sore throat since Friday so have stayed home, rested and worked on our big launch for April this weekend. The issue is the need to get out and do something different to break the monotony associated with day in, day out, capital T truth of adult life. In future years we will hopefully be travelling somewhere warmer at this point, but this year we’re keeping it close.

Living in Minnesota at this time of year always seems odd.  Keep it in mind as you strive toward Spring.  It’s just a part of life here.

At times like these I’m usually buying too much music on Amazon. Today resulted in five new albums. Music is a great way to switch things up, and now that I’ve installed a backup hard drive on my system there’s nothing to worry about if a crash happens. The only thing needed is a phone with more room to be able to store more music.  That will likely happen later this year with the new iPhone iteration.

I’m eager to get out on my bike and hit trails in the spring.  Or go on hikes with Teresa.  This year will be more difficult however as our third trimester is nearing and Tempo will be arriving in May.  At that point joint excursions will be out of the question for a short period, however we’ll get a good stroller and try to make moves in the sunlight when we can.  It will definitely be an adjustment.

What to do with the rest of the day?  I’m uncertain–but it’s probably best to get up and move away from the computer.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.