When the tax man came in 2015, he was kind.  So we have a small amount of extra cash to use toward a vacation or something else.  After discussion, we decided against a getaway and are going to put it toward some home improvement in the form of hardwood flooring upstairs.

Last night we went to quite a few different stores looking at hardwood for our upstairs living area.  Right now the kitchen has cherryish laminate which Teresa hates and I’m somewhat indifferent to outside of the fact that it’s laminate, I’d prefer solid wood.  The rest of the upstairs is covered in a carpet which isn’t terrible, but has already seen plenty of wear from the family who lived here previously.

We want to redo it with solid hardwood.  Hardwood looks great, lasts a lifetime in many instances and can increase the value associated with the house.   We aren’t planning on moving any time soon–we really like Bloomington (funny how I was so adamant to live in the city and now it’s all peachy keen, we change over time).  So the overall value of the house isn’t really what’s driving the decision, it’s more that we want to live in a nice looking place.

I built a fence at the end of our first first summer here, then stained it last year.  It looks really good and I honestly appreciate it all the time.  It keeps the dogs out of harms way and provides some privacy as well.  Redoing the floor seems very similar to me in that we will appreciate it aesthetically and enjoy the fact that it’s set up the way we wanted.  We’d like to get this done before Tempo gets here.  So we’re going to take a few trips this morning and look at options for a full scale seller/installer too.   I like this Acacia–so that’s first on the list.