At the start of the year I wrote a lot about short term goals–things to be achieved for this year.  It’s something that has become part of my life, looking at what’s happened in the past year and setting a course for improvement over the next.  It’s really enjoyable, and much like this blog, gives me a more clear understanding of what is happening.

It sounds strange to say that last part, because if you are living your life and cognizant of it, shouldn’t you already know what’s happening?  Yes, you should.  But what I’m learning as I get older (coming up on


32 years of age in April) is that time actually seems to go faster and faster. I’ve written about it multiple times in the past, in fact, probably more times than I can recall.  Which is the reason why keeping track of things is important.  You see, there are so many things going on in your life it becomes easy to lose track of them–colloquially referred to as losing the forest for the trees.

Short term goals are easier to track, because they are closer to fruition.  Longer term goals are arguably more important, but not as easy to write about.

For instance, a long term goal of mine is to pay off our mortgage, which is a smaller facet of the larger goal to be financially independent.  It’s been creeping into my head  more and more as other liabilities are closer and closer to being paid off.  However, it’s a huge goal!  Our house will take years or even decades to pay off.  If we were to follow the mortgage payment, it’s 30 years.  The size of such goals

makes them more difficult to manage.  Although it hasn’t been something practiced personally, it seems that parcelling the larger goal into smaller chunks is the best way to manage it?

The bottom line is that I haven’t spent enough time on long term goals.  What are the things Teresa and I want to achieve in our lifetimes?  What do we want for our children?  Tempo is coming soon.  How will we set out to achieve them.

I’m going to try to carve out time this year to think more about the long term goals and how to set a path toward them.  Hopefully once they are a bit more clear I can get them written down here.