There are a lot of negatives to business in general. Many people do not like working in business for a number of reasons. It’s competitive, in larger companies there are politics, people can be disingenuous and only looking out for themselves, etc. There are lots of reasons.

But there are a huge amount of reasons to love working in business as well. Here’s a quick summary, off the cuff–not a formal top ten.

The things you build can last. The biggest businesses you see today often have roots that go back decades and in some cases over centuries.  Smaller organizations scale into larger organizations that continue to build and build over time.  The work YOU do directly affects this.  The program you launch today can be around for a long, long time.  I work with people that launched products over ten years ago that are selling millions of dollars per year worth today–and that’s cool.  Some of the projects I’ve launched in the last five years are worth millions of dollars in revenue today.  That’s something to be really proud about.

It’s a competition! All of business is a competition among companies to provide customers the best products/services/experience.  Some folks do not like being competitive and that’s OK.  There are roles in business that are NOT competitive, but Marketing is not one of them.  Either is Sales.  I’d argue most core functions like Operations, Finance and even Human Resources are not either.  I’m a competitive person (maybe TOO competitive at times) and love trying to figure out the best way to go to market in ways that will differentiate my company and help us stand out.  Mark Cuban has a GREAT explanation of this here. The bottom line is if you like competition, business is a blast.

Creativity is embraced. Unlike other competitions, there aren’t a lot of formal rules for how you can approach and grow a business.   So long as you obey the law, it’s pretty much open season.  That means you can choose to do things differently than what every other company has done to that point–which will often lead to success as it’s more likely to gain notoriety.

Partnerships. I work in business to business Marketing and enjoy it a great deal.  I’m not going to write off the potential for doing something different, but if this were the type of role I had the rest of my life, I’d be just peachy.  Working in B2B is fantastic because it’s so easy to relate to customers.  They are trying to run their business as best as they can.  It’s natural to relate to their perspective.   The products and services my company offers are specifically designed to help them succeed.  An additional benefit is that you learn about how other businesses operate quickly, there’s a snowball effect on knowledge.

You control your destiny. Business is all about value.  So how valuable are you?  If you didn’t show up tomorrow, what happens?  If you want to do well in your career, the absolute best thing you can do is figure out how to improve and grow the business you work for.  Then figure out how you can “prove” it to your employer.  If the things you do add value in a way that the company appreciates, they will reward you.  If they don’t, and you can show that value to another organization, then it’s probably time to take your skills somewhere else.  Most companies (the good ones anyway) realize that human resources are the number one thing they need.  And they don’t grow on trees.  So when you work hard, prove out your worth and continue to learn/grow within your organization, very good things happen.  This is all true of entrepreneurship as well, just in a different capacity.

There are quite a few other things I’m probably not thinking of right now, but if you are considering a career in business these are some things to keep in mind.