Well, it’s been a very nice two weeks of revitalization. This has been an odd time off, as at no point did I feel as though I was missing out at anything at work because of email and having time to catch up from home if needed.

A lot of people will frown on working from home on vacation, but for me it’s a peace of mind to know that things are under control. Also, the last two weeks are easily the slowest of the year for most companies. Large amounts of folks are taking vacations. Teresa and I have also been keeping busy with planning for the impending Tempo arrival in May. Not to mention holidays and such.

Conversely, the work schedule absolutely ramps up in January. Our fiscal year starts and getting out of the gate quickly is critical. Annual plans have been set and cascading the plans, sales tools and expectations to other groups in the business is a huge focus. That usually means travel and meeting with folks in person you may not always get the chance to at other points in the year, which is a blast. Executing all the planning of Q4 is priority number one. Time moves quickly and it’s a lot of fun.

I’m excited to get back in the saddle–there are multiple projects that are going to have a big impact in 2015 and there’s still a great amount of work to do. If you’re like me and just getting back into it after a small pause, hit the ground running! Bring the energy, excitement and make it a great year.